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Why Daily Agenda Slides Are a Teacher’s Best Friend

Who would have thought that something as simple as daily agenda slides could improve my teaching in such a positive way. As a matter of fact, once I started using them as part of my morning work routine, I saw a huge difference in my classroom teaching.

What's a daily agenda slide, you say? It's a PowerPoint or Google slide on which you display morning work, learning objectives, daily directives, and more, so students begin class focused and on task. And, it's a game changer for sure! We're all in this together, so I'm sharing how these work in my classroom and giving you a free template as well.

Establish an Entry to Class Routine

One of the most important routines I establish in my classroom is entry to class. I use the daily agenda to project the activities and information I want students to see as they enter. I always go over the daily agenda for the first couple of weeks of school to help my students understand how it will be used in class. I want them to notice how it is set up, what they should expect to see on the slide, and how to use the information to get started successfully. Here is one example slide.

While students are working on their bell ringer, I use that time to take attendance, complete housekeeping duties, hand out or collect papers, prepare my learning space, and check in with individuals. When my class flows well, it creates a positive, learning environment for the rest of the period.

Maximize Time on Task

One of the things administrators look for during walk-throughs and observations is time on task. My daily agenda communicates exactly what students need to know about the activities they are doing, the materials and supplies they need, and learning objectives. I save valuable time by communicating all this on my slides. Your administrator will definitely be impressed!

Reduce and Eliminate Inappropriate Behavior

I’m able to eliminate and reduce a lot of inappropriate behaviors in my classroom just simply by having the daily agenda projected. There isn’t a lot of wiggle room for students to misbehave when they understand and practice the appropriate behaviors for morning and entry work. If they do misbehave, it’s a choice they’ve made because your directions and expectations are clearly posted. This makes following your discipline plan objective and easy to document.

Build a Positive Learning Community

In addition to having a well-run class, I’m able to build a successful community of learners with the help of my daily agenda slides. Kids love to be recognized and receive praise for a job well done. The agenda slide is the perfect place for announcing birthdays, sending best wishes to groups who are competing, or simply giving kudos for great work.

Create a Planning Record

I create a file for each year that includes all my daily slides, so I can go back and review at during the week, month, or year. This helps me plan for the upcoming semester or the following year. I'm able to refer back to the slides and make any adjustments, changes, or additions to my curriculum.

Absent Work

I share my daily slides on Google Classroom (any learning management system) in addition to projecting it each day. By doing this, students who are absent can easily look back on what they’ve missed or check in from home, which saves me time. If needed, I can print individual slides to send home with students as well.

Parent Communication

Another benefit of my daily slides is that parents are able to stay informed about classroom activities and happenings. I make them available in Google Classroom and my class website, so they are easy to access. Your slides can serve as documentation of announced due dates for homework and projects, too.

Grab a Free Template

I love the daily agenda slides so much I’m sharing one template with you HERE to try for yourself! Along with the free template, you'll join hundreds of other teachers who get tips and tools for teaching in my weekly Cheat Sheet email. I’m happy to help you set up your own daily agenda with the template, so reach out if you have any questions. Message me! I know it will change your teacher game just like it did mine.

Not sure if you've got well-planned classroom systems in place? If you need help establishing these routines and procedures, then you’ll want to get in on my mini course that takes you through developing your own systems for every part of the day.

Have a safe and productive year, friends.

Happy teaching!

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Taynia Burns
Taynia Burns
13 באוג׳ 2020

I love this idea. Thanks for the free template!!

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