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Parent Email Templates, Anyone?

Why does it seem like February drags on forever, and then March finally dashes in like the White Rabbit late to the tea party? For me, March signals the beginning of the conference rush with parents eager and some desperate to find out what can be done about little Johnny’s failing grades. A conference shouldn’t be the first communication you h Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. ave with parents. And when you do meet, it’s helpful to have established a working relationship ahead of time.

But...if you’re just trying to survive the last days (not that anyone is counting), you’re probably receiving emails from concerned parents or emailing them about their child’s progress in class. Sound familiar? Then you’ll want to grab the free sample of email copy-and-paste templates I’m sharing in the Follower Library. These email

templates are part of a larger resource called Parent Communication: Tools for Conferences and Communication which comes with a ton of great resources you need for next year. It’s one you want on your wish list!

Hang in there friends. Summer is coming soon.

Until next time,


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