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5 Reasons You Should be Using Classroom Systems

I'll let you in on a secret that took me years into my teaching career to learn - when you implement well-defined classroom systems and routines, your students learn how to self-regulate, monitor behavior and learning, and respect classroom expectations. I just wish I had known that when I first started out teaching. I definitely didn't get any training on establishing classroom systems in my teacher courses. And quite honestly, I spent much of my beginning years trying to make the whole classroom management thing work.

When students know exactly what behaviors are expected and what their individual role is in your classroom and the learning environment, there is less chance for disorganization, confusion, distraction or misbehavior. Think about it. Are you working harder than your students? Do you seem to find yourself looking for something to help you get your classroom organized? It's a matter of putting into place key systems that will make your classes run seamlessly. Who doesn't want to work smarter?

Research shows that systems increase and promote student success by creating an organized and safe learning environment; this environment fosters student skill and competency growth including social and emotional development. In other words, classroom systems help create productive learning opportunities for all students.

Five reasons you should be using systems:

1. Prevent confusion about expected behavior in learning situations.

2. Increase time on task teaching the learning standards. Maximize instructional time.

3. Organize environment, materials, and classroom instruction.

4. Eliminate distractions that disrupt the learning process.

5. Receive positive feedback on administrator/coach observations.

The key classroom systems I developed and put into action made a huge difference in my teaching and the success of my students. I've shared those systems with new and beginning teachers as a mentor and instructional coach. When we're finished with the course, my teachers are so much happier in the classroom and have more time to focus on lesson and unit planning. If you're a new graduate interviewing for jobs, having a planned set of classroom systems to share in your interview will set up above the rest of the candidates. Principals want teachers who know not only how to teach content but how to manage the classroom, too.

Message me to learn how to put 25 key classroom systems to work in your own teaching! I'm happy to help. Information about the Classroom Systems course can be found at Straight Outta Class.

If you're a new teacher, join us on Facebook - Prepping for Success for Beginning Teachers.

Happy Teaching!

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