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Hi Friends!

Congratulations on your new teaching job! I hope you've had the chance to join thousands of teachers who get the weekly Cheat Sheet full of teaching tips, ideas, and free resources. Subscribe HERE for the Cheat Sheet.


Now you're ready to continue your teaching journey and step forward into a successful year! It's time to take your teaching to the next level by becoming a member of the Stepping into Success ClubAs a member of this exclusive group, you'll have unlimited access to resources and tools that will help you sharpen your teaching skills and become a master teacher.

How Does it Work?


As a club member, you'll have access to monthly resources focusing on different components of teaching. When you join, you'll be asked to set up a login and password to enter the site. After that, grab the month's resources as they are released. A general summary of topics covered is available so you can pick and choose what works best for you. Looking for help with writing units or lesson plans, I've got you covered. Want insight and help to prepare for your first evaluation from an administrator? That's covered, too, and so much more. You'll find all the topics covered at the bottom of the page. 

What Do You Receive?

You'll receive a monthly email letting you know that a unit has been released and ready for you to access. The units are full of rich content including a variety of resources, actionable steps, strategies, videos, and tips to help you succeed and fine-tune your skills as a beginning teacher. In addition, you'll be part of the Stepping Into Success private Facebook group where you can interact with other teachers in the program and ask for help, advice, and support from me. An overview of the topics is provided, so you can pick those you need most. Leave the others for a later time; once you are a member, you have access to the site at any time.

How Much Time Will This Take?

The program is completely self-paced meaning you can select the topics and steps you feel will benefit you most. The program materials have been presented in a way that sets a smooth course for success, but you are in charge of how you choose to use it. There are no time limits or restrictions. 

Don't miss this chance to Step Into Success. A one-time membership fee gives you access to all resources, videos, and files for the program and membership in the Facebook Group. The benefits you'll receive as a member are designed specifically to help you move forward successfully in your teaching journey.  


*A general summary of the topics that will be covered each month. ~Resources might include additional, bonus materials.


  • Developing Content Rich Units

  • Writing Effective Lesson Plans

  • Engaging Students

  • BONUS resources: Classroom Management and Discipline


  • Setting up Collaborative Groups

  • Managing Centers and Stations

  • Getting a Handle on Grading


  • Communicating with Parents 

  • Planning for Successful Parent Conferences

  • Preparing to be Evaluated


  • Adding Rigor to Your Classroom

  • December Activities for Any Subject

  • Mid-point Review 


  • New Year's Setting Goals and Conferencing with Kids

  • Planning Tutorials and Remediation for Students

  • Professional Learning Community vs Professional Learning Network


  • Managing Technology in the Classroom 

  • Using Digital Resources to Increase Student Interest

  • Differentiating with Technology 


  • Preparing Students for Standards-Based Tests

  • Keeping Students Motivated in the Spring

  • Using and Creating a Class Website with Google Sites


  • Discovering the Best Websites to Use for Skills Practice

  • Organizing Your Teaching Units, Materials, and Resources

  • Spring Cleaning: Getting Your Classroom Ready for End of Year


  • Surviving the Last Weeks of School with High-Interest Lessons and Activities

  •  Choosing Summer Professional Development and Reading 

  • End of Year Self Evaluation and Reflection

  • BONUS resources: Self Care

That's 9 months of professional development you can work through at your own pace for less than $7 a month for unlimited access to resources and support that will help you move forward in becoming a master teacher. As the first class of Prepping for Success, you'll get the introductory price for this 9-month program. Now it's time to click that button and get ready to STEP INTO SUCCESS! If you have questions about the VIP membership club, reach out. I'm happy to help.

Become a VIP Success Club Member!


    Less than $7 per month for access to a library of resources!
    • 9 Months of Actionable Steps & Topics for Beginning Teachers
    • Monthly Email Notifying You Resources are Released for Use
    • Summary of Topics Covered So You Can Choose What You Need
    • Content Rich Strategies, Tips, and Actionable Steps
    • Systems You Can Put Into Place Immediately
    • Self-Paced, Use What Works for You
    • Membership in Stepping Into Success Club Facebook Group
    • Unlimited Access to the Resources Even After the 9 Months
    • Easy-to-Use Site with Personal Log in
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How Do I Sign Up?


1. Click the Sign Me Up button 

2. Choose sign up and enter your email and a password you choose

3. You are redirected to PayPal where you select payment options.

4. You will receive an email immediately after.

5. To access the VIP page, go to Straight Outta Class website and click VIP Success Club.

Download a FREE sample

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some of the great resources

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