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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

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Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know how much everyone loves getting something for free, so some friends and I got together to share freebies you can use any time of year. Here's your chance

to grab FREE resources for grades 3-5 and K-2. I'm featuring my most downloaded freebie in this blog. Find out how I used it in class below and then click the link to hop to the next blog and grab the freebie there. Keep hopping to each blog and picking up your free resources until you end up back here. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and jump right in!

My free resource is the English Cheat Sheet I designed for students as a guide to use when working on writing assignments. It's probably best for 5th grade and up. The cheat sheet lists parts of speech, comma rules, capitalization and punctuation tools, and sentence structure. Terms are defined and examples are provided all in one easy-to-use resource. I loved the way my students relied on this tool to improve their writing. I was able to spend time helping them with other parts of the writing process because they learned to use this reference sheet.

The cheat sheet is two pages, but it is easily copied as a double-sided, one-page handout. You'll get two print formats. Use as class sets, individual notes, or make laminated copies and use the cheat sheet at your writing stations.

It's never too late to start a writer's resource notebook with your students if you haven't already. My freebie is a great first step.

A scavenger hunt activity pairs with the freebie and is a fun way for students to become familiar with information on the cheat sheet. You get two scavenger hunts, so use one for group work and the other in your centers, sub lesson plans, or on that day when you need a no-prep rescue. Take a look at the scavenger hunt preview here.

Another resource you'll want to pick up is The Ultimate Word List for Writers. If you're teaching kids to write, then you need this! It's the perfect resource to include in student writer notebooks with many of the references they need to be successful. Just copy and handout. When my students had word banks to choose from, they were more likely to try writing sentences and paragraphs. The word list is jam packed with more than 500 words including those for mood, tone, transition, sensory, character traits, words to replace said, figurative language definitions and examples, common idioms, writing terms, types of sentences, types of conflict, rhetoric, and plot elements.

The great part about being a teacher is growing and learning with your students. If you are a new teacher looking for a wonderful group of supportive colleagues, we'd love you to join us at

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Happy Teaching!

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